this is
the best of the best,
of all

I got a... 73? on my Calculus exam, and it is glorious and unexpected and made coming to class worthwhile, despite how I got called up for board work and wrote the wrong solution. A 60 would have been nice (barely passing has been a pattern in my life lately), but a 70-something is better. Not as good as an 81, of course; while this makes me miss Math 14 and how strangely easy it was the second time around, I'll take any good score I can get.

Someone got a 102%. No, I'm not jealous.

This is Sad Memories, the intro for MBLAQ's first full-length album BLAQ Style.

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05 May 2011 @ 4:00 PM / Back up?
pointless update 2

Tulog Na by Sugarfree.

And being the meek follower that I am, I'll take their advice and sleep. Have to do some serious world-facing when I wake up.

Besides the intense sentimentality caused by this song, I honestly have nothing to say.

Um. There's that Calculus exam tomorrow. Terrible thing. Also, I'm planning to buy some CD's, but I can't decide which ones. :D Yes! After ages of illegal downloading (I admit to it, okay? Kafuka Fuura says as long as you admit to something, then that something becomes okay-- and though I don't believe it entirely, it'll do as an excuse for now), I'm finally supporting the music scene in a socially approved manner.

... Am I conforming, or am I being a rebel? IDEK anymore.

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24 April 2011 @ 10:30 PM / Back up?
pointless update
We're eating chicken tonight!

Yes, that is a chicken.

Tomorrow, I will probably post about music, and maybe that Calculus exam on Monday and how gruesome it will be.

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23 April 2011 @ 6:32 PM / Back up?
sick again
I think I've narrowed down the cause. Recently, I hadn't gone to sleep when I wanted to, because my mom was on my bed. Seems she couldn't sleep alone in their room... and I can't sleep next to another person on one bed, even if it's king-sized. Also, my mom snores and hogs the pillows.

I could have tolerated it if she didn't do either of those things, but she did (and still does). Anyway, I stayed up and waited for my dad to come up so I could shoo my mom off to their room.

My immune system is already pretty weak in the first place... haha. At least I can stay awake today! Yesterday was terrible, with all the sleeping and achy muscles. Now there's just the headaches and sore throat. I should probably go to the doctor... my parents brought my brother this afternoon for a flu shot or something, and I didn't go because, uh, I'm a coward, and there's a needle involved, and I really hate needles?


Things/People That Recently Made Me Happy

1) Rookies. The baseball manga, I mean.
2) Blaster by Flow
3) Aoi, the guitarist from the GazettE

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09 April 2011 @ 6:24 PM / Back up?
still listening to love coach
Hello, "Mom's laptop that she only uses for Facebook". This is my first day without Charlie in two years. Looking at my desk and finding his spot empty... gah. It's like a huge chunk got bitten out of my life. Now the only thing left to do is wait for whoever took a bite to spew him back out.

That aside, it's been a while since I watched anime. A month, probably. It's a huge leap from when I'd stay up 'til 2 or 3AM in front of the television, consequently getting scolded by my mother when she wakes up and finds that I didn't even attempt to sleep.

I kind of miss those days...


JIWON (MC): "There's a Kevin in U-KISS too!"
KEVIN (U-KISS): "My name is Kevin."
JIWON (MC): "What year were you born in?"
KEVIN (U-KISS): "'91 [...]"
KWANGHEE (ZE:A): "Our Kevin is the hyung (older than you), so you're the fake Kevin."


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01 April 2011 @ 10:36 AM / Back up?
til we meet again charlie
My mom is going to send Charlie (my laptop) out tomorrow for a check-up. It seems like a chronic illness. I mean, the same thing happened two years ago, which is two years after we bought it... son of a batch of cookies, I've owned Charlie for 4 years! D: And to think I can't even hold onto the same phone for even half that time.

Oh Charlie, come back to me soon. I have so many things I want to do, and I can't keep using my mom's-- my brother's, actually, but Mommy has swept the little darling away before we could call dibs-- netbook forever.

Love Coach by ZE:A may just be my favorite song for an indefinite period of time. It took a week before I could get Super Junior's No Other out of my system, and around two for Train's If It's Love. This song is... so cute.


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@ 12:24 AM / Back up?
new things
I very recently got into kpop. So far, I'm still having trouble telling people apart, haha. :D Ah well.

WOWOWOW by SHINee. A very cute song if you don't mind autotune.

This morning, I bought a CD for the first...ish time. I don't think having my parents buy one counts, so today is definitely the first. It was U-KISS' Only One. I HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT AGAIN. TOMORROW. Now I have to sleep.


29 March 2011 @ 11:30 PM / Back up?
an adventure
It's nice to just wake up one morning mid-summer (or mid-December, or even mid-exam week) and walk away. Not forever, and not so far away that I can't return home. I have no cooking skills to speak of, and any bridal training (my grandma will insist on that term, I think, because her reproofs on my aversion to chores always contain: "When you find a husband.") will be done after graduation at most.

So simple to get off the bed, open the window, and climb down.

this is a picture of me climbing out

At the bottom, I look around. No sense limiting myself to only left and right after all. Pick a direction. Northeast, maybe? But where is north anyway?

(In trigonometry, I learned all about bearing.

Definition: The acute angle made by the line joining 2 objects and the north-south line is called the bearing.)

So if, say, I choose to go N50°E-- that is, 50 degrees east of north, then it would be something like this:

I don't really know where north is

Across the street! It wouldn't do to be hit suddenly by a car, so I have to be careful. Then again, I've just woken up. I could be sleepwalking.

(Assumption #1: Situation is set at 4AM, and it is a dead hour. There are no cars travelling past the speed limit. Or at any speed. No cars or trucks or buses or any sort of vehicle.)

Safely across now, but with a new problem! Left, I suppose. The houses are nicer, and there are less people to see my in my pajamas.

I walk down a few blocks. Along the way, there are a few joggers out already. Two of them are old health-conscious men and a bit far off, and the other one is a middle-aged woman. As she approaches, I can see that she's smiling at me. I tell her, "Good morning," because it does seem like it'll be good.

(Here, I employ a time skip. At this point, my feet hurt a bit. Scaling down the house and then jogging in slippers would have that effect.)

I walk down a few more blocks, feeling more awake, and then I turn back.

It's almost time for breakfast.

Back to sleep


None of this actually happened/is happening/will ever happen. There is no way to fit through the bars on my windows.


25 February 2011 @ 9:03 PM / Back up?